Worldwide Manufacturing

You have a new product, and you’re trying to figure out how to get it made.

Figuring out how to produce your product isn’t as simple as doing a Google search.  There are a lot of resources that will say they can produce for you, but without knowing how to decipher the information, you many not arrive at the best solution.


Have you considered:

  1. Should I manufacture the product myself?
  2. Should I license it to a third party?
  3. Do I produce on shore or off shore?
  4. What materials should I use?
  5. What are reasonable minimum quantities?
  6. How much is tooling?
  7. Are there any regulatory or testing requirements?
  8. What are my transportation costs and what is the duty?
  9. How do I properly manage a third party factory?


Doing Business Internationally

Manufacturing abroad can be a huge risk if you don’t have credible partners to work with.
Venn is your complete manufacturing resource on an international basis. 

Business is not the same across the globe. There are subtle cultural differences that have the potential to make or break a project. At Venn, we are as comfortable working here as we are working internationally. We have has spent the past 3 decades managing relationships with manufacturers all over the globe.


Who We Are

We are your wingman, not your broker. Our objective is to make sure decisions are made in the best interest of your business.

Not sure if this is you or not?
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